Co-Operative Insurance Wins Diamond Award At Arch Of Europe Awards

Co-operative Insurance Company Limited, the third largest network in Sri Lanka has done an immense service to revolutionize the insurance sector of the country. The Lankan giant in the Insurance sector was honored at the Arch of Europe For Quality and Technology Awards 2013 Ceremony held in Frankfurt, Germany recently by being awarded the Diamond Award for the Best Insurance Company.

The International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award 2013 is held to reward highly-qualified professionals currently involved in big projects, whose decisions affect millions of people and whose work meets the highest standards while serving people.

This outstanding achievement illustrates the continuous growth of Co-operative Insurance Company Limited, quality management process, positive effect on the community and many more.

Mr. Lalith A Peiris, Chairman of the Co-operative Insurance Company Limited and Mr. Damitha Narangoda Chief Executive Officer received the award on behalf of the company at the award ceremony.

Lalith A Peiris, Chairman of the Co-operative Insurance Company Limited, commencing on this achievement said that this depicts the quality of the service the company has extended towards the community and their success, maintaining positive aspects to serve everyone in need of protecting their lives and property while revolutionizing the insurance sector by introducing new concepts.

Further he pointed out “The Co-operative Insurance Company Limited has been serving the people in need for more than 15 years without expecting much publicity for our good work. We will be expanding our network furthermore to serve our clients as best as we can”

Mr. Damitha Narangoda, the Chief Executive Officer of the Co-operative insurance company Limited commencing on this achievement stated that strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the regulator in the business and the contribution towards the corporate social responsibility pave the way to being honored in this capacity.

“In this juncture we entrust to provide our service further with the highest gratitude towards our clients in line with the government policies and regulatory provisions and regularity provisions” he further added.

The Co-operative Insurance Company Limited is the only company in Sri Lanka which links the clients, business partner and shareholders as integrated stakeholders' group who would enjoy the benefits of coming together.

The Co-operative Insurance Company Limited was formed as a result of labor by the cooperative movement along with well wishers, which started its operation on March 2nd 1999. With years of expertise in the field of insurance, the company has gained trust of people in Sri Lanka, having accounted for over three billion rupees in their financial portfolio. Co-operative Insurance has progressed now in to a fast growing venture in the field of insurance in Sri Lanka and the company is on a fast track when it comes to growth in the competitive market, under the security of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The Co-operative insurance is a member of global community with 65 countries in the developed and developing world.

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