Sri Lanka Institute Of Credit Management (SLICM) Buoyant About Progress

September 10, 2014

The Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management (SLICM) the only professional institute which is mandated to offer credit management education in Sri Lanka announced its plans heading in to final calendar quarter further enhancing its educational programme offerings.

Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management (SLICM) was started in 1988 as a pioneering education project by the leading finance companies intending to fill a vacuum in the financial services industry in Sri Lanka. In the year 2000, it was enacted by the Parliament of Sir Lanka and cited that the Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management be incorporated under Act No. 07 of 2000. SLICM has over 25 years of experience in delivering educational programmes in credit management specifically designed to uplift the credit management skills of the Sri Lankan professionals.

Lyle Peiris, Vice President of SLICMand also a Director of Arpico Finance said, “Over the years SLICM has trained over 1800 students from over 100 financial institutions in the country. We have produced well qualified graduates to banks, finance companies, leasing companies and a variety of trading companies since our inception. Our qualification offers to enhance the capacity of staff in the industry by providing extended courses and knowledge transfer".

Advanced Diploma in Credit Management is the signature programme of SLICM which makes applicants who complete the programme successfully, eligible to become Associate members of SLICM. Further SLICM offers programmes in the field of micro credit and marketing credit instruments. It is in the process of launching two more programmes in trade credit management and Islamic credit management.

The Council of SLICM includes top Level Managers of the industry namely Pratapkumar De Silva (President), Lyle Peiris (Vice President) – Director of Arpico Finance, Brindley De Zylva (Secretary) – Managing Director of Lanka Orix Finance, Romani De Silva (Treasurer) – Deputy Chairman of Alliance Finance, Nalin Wijekoon (Council Member) – Managing Director of Softlogic Finance and Nimal Mamaduwa (Council Member) – CEO of HDFC Bank. This enables the curriculum to be up to date and students also get an opportunity to further their knowledge through the council's experience and practical approach.

Nimal Mamaduwa, CEO of HDFC Bank and a Council member of SLICM said, “In recognition of the high standards maintained by the SLICM, The Institute of Credit Management UK (ICM UK) offers the opportunity for Associate Members of SLCIM to apply for the Associate Membership of ICM UK entitling them to use the affix AICM (UK).

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