Kanchayudha: Sri Lankan Warrior Conquering Video Role Playing

December 16, 2016

The first ever Sri Lankan digital combat encounter, based on Sri Lankan historical characters and events which targets the users to drive themselves in to a whole new world of Sri Lankan traditional warfares, KANCHAYUDHA was launched this year.

Kanchayudha is a nearly open world exploration game combined with action and adventure which narrates focusing on an incident that has occurred to a strong individual who lived in the ancient Sri Lanka.

You play the role of a Sri Lankan Warrior who faced difficult chapters in his life prior the events of the game. You are open to exploring, solve puzzles, sneak or fight hand to hand in order to reveal the stories of his past as well as the upcoming challenges.

The entire game is conceptualised, designed and developed by the Arimac group of companies. 

Sri Lankans can download the game for free. 

You can download the game from the site www.kanchayudha.com


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