Best dressed Candidate? General Election Candidate Gets Married Then Votes In Her Wedding Dress

Exercising your democratic right to vote on your own wedding day isn’t most people’s idea of romance. But Sorcha Eastwood happily put a cross in the ballot box while wearing her wedding dress – and was particularly keen to do so as she is a candidate for West Belfast.

Over the last seven weeks, Ms Eastwood has juggled campaigning for the Alliance Party with the stress of preparing for her big day. And after tying the knot, she and new husband Dale Shirlow stopped off at a polling station in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, to cast their votes. The couple also brought their wedding photographer along – resulting in these cute photos being taken before their reception.

Ms Eastwood said: ‘It’s been a lot to do and a lot to take in but my family have been absolutely fantastic and my husband Dale has been absolutely fantastic and so supportive throughout the whole process. ‘I hope it sends a strong signal to women out there that they can do it, they can get involved in politics.’ Her upcoming wedding isn’t the only reason why Ms Eastwood’s campaign has been a challenge.


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