Amila Indrajith Opens Up On Obscene Music Video Wave

Amila Indrajith is a not a stranger to people in the entertainment industry. Most of his fans recognized him about eight years ago where he displayed his voice imitating skills. Few would recognize him as the musician he is.

"I want people to know me as a singer not as a voice artist" says Amila. "I see myself as a singer first" he said while an interview with Asian Mirror. He started playing music from an early age, and has been working musical bands nearly two decades. He further mentioned how he did not see himself as the same kind of musician as in the trends. Amila currently works as a music teacher at The Ceylon School for the Deaf & Blind, Ratmalana.

Right from the start of his career, Amila harbored ambitions to present the best for his fans. But when he took his music to media he was not given a proper chance as they were not in the trend.

Although the music industry is a different with the boost given up by social media, somewhat chastened beast these days, artists who want to do a genuine creation face many obstacles. Nudity in music video should not be the force behind a successful song he emphasized. Amila hopes to redress that balance a little with his forthcoming creations.

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