False Alarm: Guam Residents Endure Midnight Danger Alert Amid North Korea Standoff

On midnight Tuesday, Guamanians were subjected to an emergency radio alert warning them of an unspecified “danger” against the backdrop of North Korean threats on the US territory. Officials revealed, however, that the warning was a false alarm and there was no imminent danger to the island. The "civil danger warning" was broadcast by two radio stations, a music channel and a Christian network, at 12.25am, alerting listeners to an unspecified threat on Guam. The warning lasted 15 minutes but a statement from Guam Homeland Security and the Civil Defense office said it was a mistake and it was working to ensure "human error will not occur again".

“Residents and visitors are reminded to remain calm, even with the continued unconfirmed reports throughout the media,”said George Charfauros, Guam's Homeland Security Advisor. “Remember there is no change in threat level, we continue business as usual and know there are US Department of Defense capabilities in place. We continue communication with our federal and military partners and have not received official statement warranting any concern for imminent threat to Guam or the Marianas.”

For the most part, the atmosphere on Guam has been one of calm, but the island’s lieutenant governor Ray Tonorio said it is prepared for the worst-case scenario.


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