Wijeyadasa Launches "Undercover War" Against Fonseka's National List Appointment

February 05, 2016
Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has embarked on a legal mission to prevent former Army Commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka from being appointed to Parliament as a national list MP of the UNP. 
Plans are afoot to challenge Fonseka's appointment in the Supreme Court on the grounds that he is still a member of the active military service. 
A group of lawyers, backed by Rajapaksa, is expected to take legal action against Fonseka's appointment early next week, highly placed political sources told Asian Mirror. 
Although Fonseka is considered to be a member of active military service, his military rank does not bar him from contesting elections and engaging in political activities. Therefore, many legal experts opine that there is no legal impediment for Fonseka's appointment as a national list MP.
Rajapakshe was at loggerheads with the former Army Commander over the Avant Garde controversy. Fonseka., addressing a press conference in Colombo, publicized some pictures to show Rajapakshe's alleged association with former Military officer Nishshanka Senadhipathy, owner of Avant Garde private security firm. 
In response, launching a scathing attack on the former Army Commander. the Justice Minister made fun of his military rank 'Field Marshal', calling him a 'Wel Vidane' ( an official under colonial administration, who looked after paddy fields in villages)
UNP sources told Asian Mirror on Thursday that several UNP Ministers, including the Justice Minister, vehemently opposed the move to appoint Fonseka as a national list MP. 


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