Importance Of Having Shorter And Understandable Budget Speeches

November 13, 2016

Budget is the hottest topic in Sri Lanka at the moment. Even though two third of the population do not understand what they gain or loose from the budget, all are excited about it. Listing to a budget speech which is longer than three hours is not an easy task. Some opposition members disturbed the speech time to time. Nevertheless, it was spotted that some honorable MPS were dozing off during the speech. (Some social media users thought it was one way listening.) Many such pictures were published even in national newspapers. On the other hand, no one can blame them as they were provided a heavy hard copy of the budget also.

It is the time to find a way to make budget more understandable. Further, without wasting large amount of paper (which anybody hardly reads) MPs should have been provided e-copies. One can ask a reasonable question after seeing all these honorable members, 'If this is what happened at the budget speech, what will happen at the budget debate'? 

Photo Credit: Dharshana Manamendra


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