Traffic Offence

November 30, 2016

Overtaking from the left is a punishable offence for which a fine of Rs.25,000 will have to be paid.

But when a vehicle is crawling along the right lane of the road, what are the options the drivers of the vehicles behind it have? Either they have to keep pressing the horn, cursing under their breath or swerve to the left and overtake the crawler and dash on.

This kind of situation was witnessed by us several times in the history of mankind. The so-called “Right” thinking rulers ignoring the suffering of the downtrodden, tread along the right side dreaming of a Utopian existence for themselves and their lackeys. When the resentment over their ruling patterns overwhelm the general public, revolutionary thinkers such as Marx, Engles, Lenin, Mao etc. come forward to clear the realistic path they should proceed on after swerving to the left.

But the scheming pseudo liberal minded Utopian dreamers tend to obstruct the path cleared by the left-oriented “drivers”. For such underhand and illegal activities they ensnare dissatisfied elements who intend to hunt with the hounds while running with hares, to do the dirty work. In the end individuals like Gorby [Gorbachev] ended up in history’s waste bin.

As Sri Lankans we too have witnessed such opportunistic episodes in the nation’s political history, where such unhealthy and dirty happenings blocked the realistic path cleared by patriots after overtaking the Right from the Left. Several of these discoloured “Gorbys” were USED by these Utopian Rightists to obstruct the left path by creating accidents.

The ultimate result of all these accidents was the suffering endured by the downtrodden who are remaining without any sort of salvation. But can these repressive measures stop the rising clamour for justice? 

Will the downtrodden swerve to the Right and create irreparable damage to the so-called liberal Utopian dreamers ?

Wait patiently and hope for the best !

By Vijaya Ariyarathane 

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