Loss of faith

When two incompatible forces as different as chalk and cheese ganged up against  a common enemy it wasn’t either faith and trust or the urge and the need to bring happiness and security to the people at large, that influenced them to come together. It was sheer revenge coupled with greed and ambition as well as survival that forced them to join each other. There was no concern about the future well-being of the country and its people.

The general public who powered them too were overwhelmed by the false scenario created by these two divisive forces.They were talking about a Change—a change for the better! The promises and the accusations they presented though were not convincing and proven,created  a false sense of hope for a better and a secure future, in the minds of the gullible voters of Sri Lanka.

But alas! after a three-year  period of nonsensical happenings their hopes and the trust were shattered and the Big Change they expected fell flat and in addition the rottenness of this Union was irrevocably revealed with the record-breaking  Bond Scam. With the insult and the injury they received from this unearthly crime not only shattered all their dreams for the future but also lost all the faith and trust they had in the unbecoming union.The result was anger with a capital A and the unequal urge to change the Change.

The people clearly and decisively showed their Anger at the much delayed and stage-managed  mini polls. The result was a  significant no faith motion against the infamouse Union—the Union that sold the valuable assets of this Gem of the Indian Ocean, for a song to the exploitative neo colonists who were responsible for the present state of chaos.

Who should be responsible for this disastrous state of affairs?

Who was the main director or shall we say the culprit  of this devastating episode that has ruined the lives of all citizens including the very supporters of this unstable ruling stock?

When the general public lose faith in the ruling worthies obviously the leader of the pack or shall we say the so called guide with full of unworkable and Utopian ideas should accept the blame and be responsible for the present chaotic situation.In other words the public who recently cast the vote against  the divisive ruling clan also passed a no faith motion against its leader too.

As the public had rejected his failing leadership what is the big idea in having a separate no faith motion presented by a selected few? How is it that the result of this useless no faith motion can be considered as a “world shattering” victory?

The so called win was marked with great rejoicement and much revelry by his own lackeys,as it came about after so many defeats and failures.

Any how as the general public had given a resounding defeat to  this Utopian leader,the best and most appropiate  action he can initiate is to leave the arena he had been misusing for decades, for sake of the well being of his political party as well as the country and also give the general public the much awaited opportunity to yell GROBR (Good Riddance of Bad Rubbish)!


  By Vijaya Ariyarathne

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