Siripala Holds Back Supreme Court Decision To Stump CBK

Many eyebrows have been raised as to why the government did not take measures to disclose the Supreme Court's opinion on President Mahinda Rajapaksa's third term in its entirety. Although Leader of the House Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva read out a summarized version of the decision to the legislature, no explanation was given on the grounds on which the Supreme Court arrived at its determination.

By holding back the SC decision, the government, as Asian Mirror learns, has put a damper on CBK's possible reentry into politics. If the Supreme Court has arrived at its determination by taking into consideration the date of inauguration of President Rajapaksa's second term, that will disqualify CBK from being the common candidate of the opposition.

Highly placed political sources told Asian Mirror that the government would hold back the detailed version of the judgment until the date of nomination of the presidential election. The move will leave the former President confused as to whether or not she would be allowed to contest for a third term in Executive Presidency. It is already in the grapevine that the Supreme Court determination is based on the date of inauguration of President Rajapaksa’s second term. If that is the case, the former President, who has already held the office twice, will be compelled to stay out of the electoral race.

That was exactly why the UNP was exerting immense pressure on Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa and the Leader of the House to disclose the decision given by the apex court, in its entirety. It is important for the main opposition party to know the rules of the game before proceeding with “endless talks” on a common candidate.

The UNP think tank is now busy formulating strategies with regard to the political future of the former President. Some are of the view that another candidate should be fielded simultaneously to take the baton from CBK if unforeseen legal issues crop up in her run up to the Executive Presidency. 

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