Media Tycoon Furious Over Mangala - Sajith Handshake

It has now come to the limelight that a media tycoon, who was instrumental in creating a dissenting camp in the United National Party, is furious over Mangala – Sajith handshake during the common opposition rally at Muttiah Ground on Wednesday.

The tycoon, while speaking to his associates over the incident, had slammed at Premadasa in the nautical language of strongest flavour for shaking hands with Mangala. Mangala took part in the common opposition meeting amidst speculations that he might join the government upon his return to Sri Lanka from Singapore.

However, Premadasa, who was literally forced to take part in the common opposition rally by the party leadership, sat alongside Samaraweera on the stage. They shook hands in public and the moment was captured by many photographers who were present at the event to cover the event.

Samaraweera had negotiations with top echelons of the government over a possible crossover due to the fear that Preamadasa might ascend to the UNP leader if the party leader became the presidential candidate of the party at the upcoming election. It does not require a lot of wisdom to understand that the UNP leader – as an individual entity – is not in a position to defeat a formidable opponent like Mahinda Rajapaksa, the incumbent president, at a presidential election.

Although Premadasa was at loggerheads with Samaraweera from the outset, the battle between them took a heated turn in the aftermath of the infamous “cinnamon pole” battle in Matara. Premadasa and media houses supporting him have repeatedly stated that Samaraweera and his henchmen should be held responsible for the clash.


The media tycoon, who has been positioning Premadasa as the future leader of the United National Party, is of the view that what Premadasa did at the common opposition rally was a PR blunder.  However, it is still not clear whether the tycoon had contacted Premadasa over the incident and voiced his disappointment. 

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