'Poth Maama' Becomes Man Of The Match During Harsha-Hans Battle

November 28, 2014

Grassroots politics is a different ballgame altogether and it has nothing to do with political acumen, sophistry and as astuteness. It depends heavily on practical knowledge, street-smartness and ability to get-things-done by hook or crook. In the face of the harsh realities of the grassroots politics, many politicians, even those who have hard-earned Phds , find it difficult to survive!

Colombo MC member Jayantha de Silva, a self-styled poth mama to some, proved that although he's not the most polished politician in the opposition camp, he is perfectly capable of rescuing the likes of Dr. Harsha de Silva at difficult times. Jayantha was the one who 'peopled' the protest organized by Harsha de Silva against Dialog and its CEO Hans Wijesuriya over the controversy involving the 'Satana' programme, aired by Sirasa. 

He made his maximum effort to make sure that Harsha's protest against Hans took off the ground. Of the people who attended the protest that day, the large majority were Poth mama's supporters, who were residents of Borella - his own electorate. It was clear that the local government politician of Colombo was determined to turn Harsha's anti-Hans mission into a reality. Doesn't the UNP need more men like 'Poth Mama' who bring a certain amount of "common sense" into the party that is filled to the brim with PhD pundits???

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