True Reason Behind Mervyn's P-Word - K-Word and W-Word

November 30, 2014

Public Relations (PR) Minister Mervyn Silva addressed a journalist in “Sanskrit” when asked whether the minister had a secret discussion with common candidate Maithripala Sirisena. The Minister who is supposed to be leading the PR of the government, used P-word, W-word, K-word and all the words that come in “Sanskrit” to assert that he would not leave the government. Well, we all know that the Minister has a good sense of humour and has the ability to come up with witty answers in no time. So why did he have to use obscene language especially when three television cameras were gazing at him…?

Well, the PR Minister of the government, when that particular question was asked by the journalist, was quite angry with the opposition. Disgruntled by the actions of the top rung leaders of the government, Silva made several attempts to meet the seniors of the UNP to negotiate a crossover at a worthy rate. In fact ,the  United National Party was not a new place for Mervyn as he was, at one point, a die-hard member of the green party before he crossed over to the SLFP during CBK’s time.

However, the leaders of the opposition dodged his calls at the lost moment, thinking ‘Silva’ would be a too troublesome fish to have in the nets! The Minister, knowing that the playing field has been tilted against him, started hating Wickremesinghe and the members of the common opposition with more venom. That was exactly why he resorted to obscene language in the presence of journalists and TV cameras.


Suddenly, when the doors of the opposition were closed for the Minister, Malaka, whose bail application was rejected thrice, was granted bail by the court. Now, according to his close associates, the PR Minister of the government swears upon his eyes that he would ensure defeat for the common candidate and the common opposition at the upcoming presidential election. 

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