Former Lovey-Dovey Boy Approached To Play Dual Role

December 07, 2014

Who doesn’t remember the lovey-dovey boy at ‘Rajagedhara’ who ruled the roost when a certain big lady was at the helm of the state some years ago? It was this lovey-dovey  boy, a heartthrob of Sinhala Cinema during the 80s, who handled various under-the-radar operations on behalf of the big lady and found himself in the middle of some serious controversies. As the big lady fell out of power, this boy too realized that he should lie low and restrict himself to the “silver screen”, without venturing into dangerous industries.

Now, with the resurgence of the big lady, the lovey-dovey boy too is back in the picture with both parties trying to lure him in. Asian Mirror reliably learns that the ruling party too is trying to bait him because seeing him on the stage of President Rajapaksa would be a ‘heart-melting’ moment for the big lady who has now declared war on the UPFA government.

Meanwhile, the common opposition too is trying to ‘approach’ him as he is well-versed in the game of politics, especially in terms of mega-deals and underhand exercises. But, this has met with serious resistance from certain sections of the opposition as lovey-dovey boy’s presence might backfire on the political candidate of the common candidate. They have strongly asserted that the people of Sri Lanka do not need a “repetition” of 1994-2005 period – an era that is characterized with stagnant economy, unmoving development, free-haircuts for artistes and deals and deals and deals.


However, the lovey-dovey still remains silent. According to sources close to him, he is observing the developments closely as he is still not certain as to which party holds an edge over the other. Once, the dust of this uncertainty is settled, the heartthrob will take up his next character, slowly but surely! 

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