Maithripala Gets Himself Checked At Private Hospital After President's "Pat"!

December 08, 2014

Staff members of Nawaloka Hospital in Colombo were stunned this evening when they saw a familiar person who walked through the entrance of the hospital. He was one of the nineteen candidates who handed over nomination papers at the Elections Secretariat this morning to contest the presidential election and one of the two front-runners in the electoral race. The man who walked through the entrance of the private hospital this evening was Maithripala Sirisena, arguably the most talked about person in the political arena these days.

They were curious to know what the common candidate was doing inside the hospital, just hours after handing over the nomination papers. Some assumed whether the candidate was seeking medical help after seeing unexpected twists and turns in the political sphere - that took place after candidates handed over their nomination papers to the Elections Commissioner. However, it was later revealed that Maithripala attended the hospital for a minor medical check-up and left the hospital in less than an hour.

While those who were at Nawaloka enjoyed the unexpected arrival of the common candidate of the opposition, some quipped saying that Maithripala decided to get himself checked after he received a friendly “pat on the back” by President Rajapaksa when the two met at the Elections Secretariat, a few hours ago.

Maybe the President’s hefty “pat” was a little too hard for the slender politician who is planning to rule the country from Polonnaruwa. 

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