Ranil Opens His Saloon-door Both Day & Night

December 13, 2014

President Rajapaksa, on the same day Tissa Attanayake took oaths as the Health Minister of the UPFA government, told some ruling party MPs that he had decided to close the famous saloon-door of the government by next week. With that statement, many wanted to know whether the Opposition Leader too was of the same view as the main entrance of the UNP headquarters too was gradually into a saloon-door with so many ins and outs.

When asked about this by a close friend, the Opposition Leader said he was not worried about ins and outs. Any member, according to the Opposition Leader, was allowed to walk and walk out, whether he is big or small. In Wickremesinghe’s theory, stopping crossovers would in fact do more damage to the party than crossovers themselves. That is exactly why Wickremesinghe has resorted to an “open-door” policy when it comes to crossovers.

Whenever, a party member tells him about a crossover these days Wickremesinghe has one standard reply, and that is “yanawanam giyadhen..."


In this context, one can arrive at the assumption that while the President has decided to close his saloon-door, the Opposition Leader’s saloon-door is fully open, both day and night.

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