Where Did Kuttiarachchi's Kuttiya Come From?

December 15, 2014

In a context where the opposition was about to topple the Uva Provincial Council, the ruling party turned the tables on the opposition by making Tissa Kuttiarachchi jump. Much to the surprise of the opposition, Kuttiarachchi said he would extend his support to President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the upcoming presidential election.

When there were suspicions about Kuttiarachchi've move, the Opposition Leader contacted Uva Provincial Council Opposition Leader Harin Fernando and asked whether the party could count on the Provincial Councilor. In response, Fernando assured the Opposition Leader that Kuttiarachchi would stay in the UNP. Fernando actually made this assurance after speaking to Kuttiarachchi who pledged that he would not cross over to the ruling party, at any cost. Even on Monday morning, just hours before his crossover, Kuttiarachchi telephoned Fernando and said his decision remained unchanged.Fernando also promised to look into Kuttiarachchi's "issues" and sort them out with the assistance of the party.

Taking everyone by surprise, Kuttiarachchi, two hours later, took a 180 degree turn and joined hands with the government. However, the most interesting revelation came in the aftermath of his 'jump'.

It was later revealed that the person who spent money for Kuttiarachchi's election campaign at the recently concluded Uva Provincial Council election was none other than one of the most prominent politicians on the other side. In other words, throughout the past few months, the opposition had a Provincial Councilor on their side - who did not really belong to the opposition. Now, doesn't that resemble a line of a popular song that says 'mata mage novana magema aadarayak thibuna'?

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