Dodgy Perera Triumvirate Attempts To Join "Good Governance" Bandwagon

"Good governance" is money and "good governance" is power.

Asian Mirror is now in a position to reveal that the three most powerful “Pereras” in the business sector had tried to meet Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe merely to state that they were innocent and would be extremely happy to do "whatever possible" to strengthen the policy of good governance.

Perera the First, who had tried to meet the Prime Minister at his office, is well known for his "Access" to powers that be and Perera the Second is a business tycoon who even held a top government post under the previous government. He was also quite famous for his stock market jugglery and million dollar ventures in the Casino "industry" - which earned the ire of the likes of Champika Ranawaka.

Well, Perera the Third has also earned a lot of reputation for stock market jugglery and he too was instrumental in 'playing'  the market with the blessings of some top echelons of the previous government. It was a bit of a surprise for close associates of the Prime Minister that they actually wanted to meet Wickremesinghe, given their close association with the former President

All three of them had tried to sit before the Prime Minister obediently as if they had transformed themselves into staunch followers of 'good governance'. However, Wickremesinghe, staying true to his character as a gentleman, had refused to meet the notorious lot.

Good times... good times...!

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