Field Marshal's Daughter Ties Knot With Sri Lankan Living In US

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s elder daughter Apsara Fonseka, who was married to Danuna Tillekaratne earlier, recently got married for the second time.

Her engagement to Ishviyan de Saram, a Sri Lankan based in New York, took place last week. De Saram is a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young in New York.

Apsara Fonseka married her first husband Danuna Tillekeratne in 2007. Tillekeratne, a first cousin of cricketer turned politician Hashan Tillekeratne, is a computer analyst by profession. He was living in USA before returning to Sri Lanka to assist General Sarath Fonseka in the 2010 Presidential Election campaign.

Following General Fonseka’s defeat and subsequent arrest, Tillekeratne went into hiding. He, along with General Fonseka and another person were charged in the HiCorp Case with regard to import of several items for the Sri Lanka Army when Fonseka was the Army Commander. The case against Fonseka was dismissed in 2012.

Danuna Thilakaratne surrendered to the Colombo High Court in December 2014, barely a week after Hashan Tillekeratne decided to support former president Mahinda Rajapaksa in the 2015 Presidential Election. It was then apparent that Danuna Tillekeratne was severing ties with the Fonseka family. Sarath Fonseka was then a key member in the common candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s campaign.

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