Hirunika Premachandra Gives Indication Of Possible Political Move

Western Provincial Councilor Hirunika Premachandra gave an indication of a possible political move as a response to the news that her SLFP membership has been suspended, adding that she can now stand with both feet on the same side.
Speaking to Asian Mirror, Premachandra said that she was having mixed feelings on the news.  She was feeling sadness since she had entered politics from a left-wing movement.
Premachandra said that during the past few weeks, she felt like standing with her feet on two sides. She felt relieved since that uncertain situation has now changed, Premachandra also said.
However, she added that she had not been officially informed of the decision at the time of speaking.
Premachandra acknowledged that the pressure exerted by her made the UPFA deny nominations for former MP Duminda Silva. However, she had no option but to join the United National Front for Good Governance, since her battle was not merely a personal one, Premachandra said.
There were many more discredited individuals in the UPFA list, Premachandra pointed out. Furthermore, since she cannot work with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the team, she had no other option but to leave, Premachandra insisted.
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