Sri Lanka Reportedly Included In Recently Revealed 'ISIS Map'

The infamous terrorist group ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (ISIS) has planned to take over a large area across three continents within the next five years, according to a map revealed by a BBC journalist. Alarmingly, this map includes Sri Lanka as a target for ISIS domination by 2020.
BBC reporter Andrew Hosken has written a new book, “Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State” where he gives a detailed account of the brutal organization.  According to The Publishers Weekly, the book “explains how ISIS was formed, what their goals are, where they are now, and what should be done to combat their efforts.” The map of its target for domination for 2020 is included in the book, several tabloids of UK reported.
The vast area claimed to be the target of ISIS for domination includes Southern Europe including Spain, the entire North Africa and neighboring area in the Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia, India and Sri Lanka.
However, one is led to suspect the authenticity of the map since nothing is said about the Muslim majority countries east of India. The ISIS is known to have a local network named Katibah Nusantara in South East Asia already.
Nevertheless, Hosken says that the ISIS poses a serious warning to the entire area mentioned. ISIS has already set about in its attempt to destabilize parts of the said area. They have launched attacks in Libya and Saudi Arabia. Several attacks in Tunisia had a serious impact on the tourism industry of that country. ISIS has reportedly spread to Afghanistan too.
Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that a Sri Lankan fighter had died in Syria, fighting for the ISIS.
When inquired on the possible ISIS threat to Sri Lanka, Police Media Spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunasekara said that the police and intelligence is keeping a vigilant eye on any terrorist group, regardless of name. The police and the security forces are alert on any threat from any terrorist group, he said.
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