Fonterra Four Down For No Run – Now Says ‘It Wasn’t A Small Amount’

Fonterra Brands Lanka, the biggest milk powder company operating in Sri Lanka, issued its fourth media statement for the week yesterday evening, amending the previous statement which was released just a few hours before.


Referring to the 130 MTs of milk powder that would be destroyed, the company, in its third statement said it was just a “small amount.”

In the fourth statement the company has paraphrased the term ‘Small Amount’, calling it “a stock of milk powder”!

However, the milk powder company is still tightlipped on the remark made by the health ministry spokesman saying the company does not have to request the support of the Health Ministry to ensure the disposal of the milk powder stock as the company can handle it on their own.

Therefore, why the company is dragging the Ministry of Health into the matter is still unclear.

The fourth media statement issued by Fonterra is as follows,


Fonterra clarifies the company’s request to the Ministry of Health regarding the disposal of a stock of milk powder;

Managing Director Fonterra Brands Lanka Leon Clement said “This stock was manufactured before 1 June 2013 and is nearing its expiration date.”

“We are therefore working to dispose of this product in a responsible way.”

“Fonterra acts in accordance with the provisions in the Food Act for the disposal of its food products and as such is following all required processes.”

Despite recent reports and speculations, Fonterra has never stated that this process is a result of delays in testing.

“It is solely in relation to product’s expiration dates,” he said.”

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