Anti-Muslim Principal's Lawyer To Make Case Against Previous SC Order

The Fundamental Rights petition filed against the Principal of Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya is to be heard on May 13, after the Counsel Manohara De Silva who is appearing for the Principal objected to one of the judges who was presiding over the bench when the case was taken up this week.
Attorney at Law Manohara De Silva PC appearing for the Principal Nayana Thakshila Perera informed court that he would be making submissions against a previous Supreme Court order which Justice Eva Wanasundara was also a part of.
The Previous Supreme Court order, delivered by Justice Gamini Amarathunga, Justice Shiranee Thilakawardena and Justice Eva Wanasundera permitted muslim students to attend school in traditional punjabi attire and severely warned the Principal who was alleged to have harassed and discriminated a student.
In the previous case the Attorney Generals department at the inception of the hearing informed court that they had severly warned the Respondent Principal against such actions.
However in this instance State Counsel Uresha De Silva informed court that they have found places for the two students at Muslim Ladies College, Colombo but did not make submissions regarding the alleged violation of the fundamental rights of the students Fundamental Rights. Hijaz Hisbullah appearing for the petitioners told court that the students are not interested in going to any other school and urged court to make an order based on the facts presented.
Earlier reports said that the Principal had collected legal fees amounting to 400,000 to pay for her Lawyer despite having the right to retain a Lawyer free of charge from the Attorney Generals Department.
Justice Chandra Ekanayake, Justice Eva Wanasundera and Justice Buwaneka Aluwihare presided over the bench.
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