UPFA In Crisis: 'United Opposition' Likely To Contest Separately For Upcoming LG Polls (AUDIO)

The United Opposition is most likely to contest the upcoming Local Government election without the support of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Left Democratic Front leader Vasudeva Nanayakkara said.

Speaking to Asian Mirror, Nanayakkara said that the ‘United Opposition’ was reluctant to contest with the SLFP, since the SLFP has aligned with the UNP. If the SLFP and the United Opposition contests as one team, it will create a contradiction, since the SLFP supports the UNP while the United Opposition was opposed to the UNP, Nanayakkara said.

He explained that the United Opposition has been formed by a group of SLFP MPs and all other parties in the UPFA. Nanayakkara further pointed out that they are slowly strengthening the United Opposition and facing challenges as they come.

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