'Bond Scams' Take Place Even Now: Wasantha Samarasinghe (AUDIO)

The Convener of 'Voice Against Corruption' Wasantha Samarasinghe today stressed that Central Bank bond transaction frauds continued to take place under the new government.

Speaking with Asian Mirror, he said that the government seemed to be unaware of the danger the country could face in future because of these illegal transactions taking place even at the moment.

Moreover, the company that belongs to the son-in-law of the Central Bank Governor is buying treasury bonds and selling them to Employer Trust Fund (ETF) back, he said.

Samarasinghe asserted that due to the more famous 'bond scam' occurred through the same company, the interest rates of foreign loans borrowed by Sri Lanka were increased as well.

"Because of that the interest we should pay back increased about 1 billion,” Samarasinghe told.

Samarasinghe also said that the resignation of Tilak Marapana cannot bring ‘good-governance’ to the country. The government only try to save its neck by highlighting such incidents, he stressed.

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