First Sri Lankan ISIS Fighter Joined With 16 Others, Claims Propaganda Magazine

November 23, 2015

The recently released propaganda magazine of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has carried an article featuring the Sri Lankan who was reportedly killed in Syria, who was described by media as "Sri Lanka's first ISIS fighter".

The article makes a chilling revelation, claiming that 16 other Sri Lankan Muslims, including his parents, wife and six children, joined the ISIS along with him.

In a featured article which was titled as  'Amongst the Believers Are Men: Abu Shurayh As - Silani', the magazine 'Dabiq' has discussed how Mohamed Muhsin Sharhaz Nilam who was from Galewela, Kandy joined the organisation.

"Allah the All-Hearing blessed him with not only the opportunity to perform Hijrah himself, but to lead a party of sixteen others from among his closest family members, including his parents, wife, and six children," the article states.

Moreover, it also describes how 'Silani' died. Accordingly, there was an air strike and 'Silani' went to check out for casualties. Then the second air strike was hit and he was killed, it explains.

He was reportedly killed on July 12 in Syria. According to sources, the 37 year old 'Silani', a graduate in Sharia law from a university in Pakistan, a former Principal of an International School at Galewela in the Central Province, and a karate expert, had left home saying that he was going to Turkey to do relief work among war refugees. The immediate family did not suspect any interest in joining the combat units of the ISIS as he had a background of doing humanitarian work in Sri Lanka. He had done relief work after the December 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka.

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