Lalith Weeratunga To Lead SL Delegation To Geneva

Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga himself will lead the Sri Lanka’s delegation to Geneva for the United Nations Human Rights Council session in March, a senior government spokesman told ‘Asian Mirror'.

Weeratunga is presently working as the Head of the committee looking at the implementation of the National Action Plan on the Implementation of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission’s Report. Over the past few months, he had had a number of discussions with various stakeholders in the international domain with regard to Sri Lanka’s efforts on the reconciliation front.

The spokesman on the conditions of anonymity added that according to the government’s calculation the US, the UK, France and Germany may push for a harder resolution against Sri Lanka while a number of other member nations of the UNHRC will push for a milder resolution. He said the majority of members may want Sri Lanka to move towards expeditious measures in terms of reconciliation.

“Therefore, Sri Lanka will not face the threat of an international Investigation or economic sanctions. It will be more or less based on the implementation of LLRC recommendations,” he added.

He added that China, Japan, Pakistan and Russia have pledged to support Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. “They will form one bloc that will support the measures Sri Lanka has already taken in the direction of reconciliation,” he said. 

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