Thewarapperuma Queries Over John Amaratunga’s Nose

February 07, 2014

UNP Parliamentarian Palitha Thewarapperuma says he is still not informed of the party’s decision to suspend his membership.

Speaking to ‘Asian Mirror’, he added that no one from the party informed him that his membership has been suspended. “The party was my first priority and I even disregarded the duties to my family because of party matters. Today I don’t even have a house to live in. All this happened because the UNP was the most important thing in my life,” Thevarapperuma said.

He said he has already been sidelined from the party’s affairs in the Kalutara district and the new decision will not make a huge difference.

Commenting on Chief Opposition Whip John Amaratunga’s remark that Thewarapperuma was drunk when he attended the Parliamentary group meeting, Thewarapperuma asked whether Amaratunga was the only person in the group meeting who had a nose! 

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