Army Yet To Find Chief Of Staff After Jagath Dias Retirement: 24 Major Generals To Leave Next Year

Twenty four of fourty six Major Generals in the Army are likely to retire from service next year, military sources said. 

They further added that the Major Generals turning 55 would not receive service extensions from the government.  

According to authoritative sources, the government is aiming at a restructuring of the military service with the retirement of 24 Major Generals. 

"There are serious issues concerning promotions of senior Army officers. Their upward mobility should be ensured through a transparent process," a top defence source told Asian Mirror. 

After Army Chief of Staff Jagath Dias retired from active military service from December 25, the Army Commander is yet to appoint an officer for the second most senior position in the Army. 

Jagath Dias was the commander of the 57th division during the peak of the war against the LTTE in its last years. He later served as the Sri Lankan Deputy Ambassador to Germany, Switzerland and the Vatican. He then became the Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army.

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