JVP Holds Protest Rally To Mark 'Good Governance' Anniversary

The Janatha Vimukthi Permauna is holding a march and a rally today, demanding government to respect the people’s mandate.

This decision to hold a rally was taken by the JVP Political bureau during its meeting on December 16 at the party headquarters in Pelawatta. The rally is held in the 1st anniversary of ‘Yahapaalana government’, demanding to respect the people’s mandate given in support of good governance.

The march is to begin from Kohuwala junction at 3pm, and the rally is to be held in Ananda Samarakoon Open Air Theatre at 3.30pm.

Party leader Anura Dissanayaka, and General Secretary Tilvin Silva are to address the rally. A number of civil society organizations, intellectuals, artistes and others who were responsible to bring this government to power are to participate to this rally. 

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