Agreement With India Will Not Endanger Sri Lankan IT Sector: Harsha De Silva

Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva refuted allegations that the new agreement with India will not endanger the jobs of Sri Lankan IT professionals.

Taking part in the 'Salakuna' TV program on Hiru TV, de Silva said that the Indian IT professionals will not have a chance of opening up their businesses in Sri Lanka and threatening the local IT professionals.

He pointed out that international service trade has four modes. Three of these modes of service trade, namely, cross border trade, consumption abroad and commercial person were already taking place in Sri Lanka's IT sector, de Silva added.

The opposition to the agreement arises from the fear that it will allow the fourth mode of services trade, 'presence of a natural person'. However, this is not discussed under the agreement, de Silva said. Therefore, Indian IT professionals will not be able to threaten Sri Lankan jobs, he maintained.

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