Injunction Order Sought To Prevent Political Meetings At Abhayaramaya Temple

The Chief Incumbent of Purvaramaya Buddhist Temple in Kirulapone today filed a petition with the Colombo District Court, requesting an injunction order against the holding of political meetings and trade union meetings at Narahenpita Abhayarama Viharaya.

The Abhayaramaya has been the centre of activity of the 'Joint Opposition' which backs former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Press conferences are held at Abhayaramaya by Joint Opposition stalwarts regularly.

Through his petition, the Plaintiff Pathberiya Vimalagnana Thera said that there was a court case over the position of Chief Incumbent of Abhayaramaya. He claims that he is the rightful Chief Incumbent of the temple.

However, the temple is being discredited in the eyes of Buddhists since it is been used for political, trade union and commercial purposes, the Plaintiff alleged.

Meanwhile, the defendant's party also made a representation at the court, and objected the plaintiff's claims.

District Court judge T.D. Gunasekara issued injunction notice on Ananda Thera and directed him to file objection.

The next hearing was scheduled for February 15.

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