GMOA To Seek Ban On Lanka E News

The Government Medical Officers' Association recently hit out at the LankaEnews website, revealing that it had already complained against the web site to the IGP and the cyber crimes division, and was intending to request the website to be banned in Sri Lanka.

At a recent press briefing, GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya said that the website had accused him of being silent over the recent media reports of a kidney racket. He was attacked based on a false argument and he was not given the right of reply, Padeniya said.

Other prominent individuals were also being attacked by the website, Padeniya claimed.

Meanwhile, he added that they will be informing of the matter to the President and would be seeking a ban on the website in Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the alleged kidney racket, he pointed out that kidney transplants have been carried out in the country according to the law and under the supervision of the health ministry. Therefore, it is not correct to merely point fingers at individuals without proper facts, he added.

Furthermore, he said that a kidney transplant was a medical procedure that saves lives. The issue arises only if there is an illegal theft of the organ, and an investigation is currently underway over the matter, he pointed out.

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