Hemal Says He Can't Assault Anyone As He Has Undergone Bypass Surgery!

Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekera, whose name was mentioned in connection with an assault on a Policeman, has said he has undergone a bypass surgery, therefore he cannot assault anyone. 

A few days ago, the same Deputy Minister said his name should be left out of this whole matter because he had been a total vegetarian! This statement came under severe criticism from many as there is no connection between one being a vegetarian and his crime-record. 

The Deputy Minister, speaking to a weekend Sinhala newspaper today, has stated that he is not ready to issue any media statement on the matter as the investigations are still underway. 

However, he has expressed disappointment over the manner in which the media reported the story. 

"Newspaper attacked me without ascertaining the truth of the story. My image was tarnished and I was attacked in an unfair manner. The people of Weligama know who I am and the media should have asked from them," the Deputy Minister, who is now famous for his "Chaminda-puswedilla" type of statements, has said. 

Although the Deputy Minister speaks of 'inquiry', Police have failed to record a statement from the Deputy Minister about the incident. Meanwhile it is also reported that the Police have investigated as to how the Police constable, who was assaulted by goons, was rich enough to buy a car! 

A Police constable was assaulted by goons a few days ago, soon after he gave a speeding-ticket to Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekera on Southern Expressway. The goons also set fire on the Police Constable's vehicle. 

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