Meteorology Department In Deep Trouble

Meteorology Department of Sri Lanka found itself in an embarrassing position with almost all its recent predictions about weather conditions in Sri Lanka going wrong!

As a result of wrong predictions made by the Met Department, fisheries community in coastal areas had refrained from their day-to-day activities over the past few days.

Some of the fishermen, reportedly, had telephoned the Meteorology Department and lashed out at officials over making false predictions on the speed of the wind and condition of the sea. 

However, Asian Mirror learns that the Meteorology Department of Sri Lanka is using outdated equipment and therefore the possibility of predictions going wrong is relatively high. 

The Department has not been able to purchase new equipment due to budgetary constraints, sources from the Meteorology Department said. 

A similar situation occurred last year when the department failed to predict heavy rains and strong winds ahead of time, resulting in deaths and disappearances of several fishermen. 

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