Anura Senenayake At The Crossroads!

Senior DIG Anura Senenayake, who will soon be retiring from Police service, is tipped to be appointed to a top position handing urban development and city beautification. 

However, it is also reported that some senior officials of the institutions have vehemently opposed Senanayake's appointment due to potential 'personality clashes.' The government, at the moment, is also considering name as a replacement for General (retd) G.A. Chandrasiri who is the Governor of the Northern Province.  

However, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which handles the provincial administration in the North has strongly opposed the appointment of a "military" person as the Governor of the province. Although Senior DIG Senanayake is not from the 'military service', he is also a senior member of the security establishment of the country. Therefore, it is almost impossible to believe that the Tamil National Alliance would welcome Senanayake's appointment.

Senanayake came under severe criticism from media over his alleged links with the country's political hierarchy. However, he is a senior police officer who is vastly experienced in the field of battling crime. 

Last year, the government was considering the name of Athula Wijesinghe, former Chief Minister of the North-Western Province, as the new Governor of the Northern Province. 

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