Excavations Restarted Near Suspected Mannar Mass Grave

Excavation for suspected human skeletal remains in an abandoned well in Thiruketheeswaram, Mannar was started on yesterday, followed by a case filed in Mannar Courts by residents of Mannar.

Attorney at Law V. Rajakulendran said that excavation was unable to complete since the well began to submerge. He further stated that court ordered to funnel out water to a pit dug nearby the well, and begin excavation again on 4th April.

The abandoned well is situated near the Mannar mass grave site, which was discovered in 2013 by construction workers who were digging the site to lay pipes. Upon excavation which followed, 81 human skeletons were unearthed in 2014.

The skeletal remains which were discovered from Mannar mass grave are still being kept at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, awaiting D.N.A. testing.  

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