Colombo Leading Businessman Sexually Exploits A Girl For 10 Years

A case was filed before a Colombo court on a complaint made by a 22-year-old girl to police Headquarters alleging that she had been sexually exploited by an owner of a shipping company since she was 12 has been reportedly referred to the Attorney General for his legal advice.

It was observed that the law enforcement authorities in the country are reluctant to take necessary legal action against the persons who are in the higher ranking positions in the society like they deal with ordinary people when it comes to similar issues.

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Therefore, those cases are commonly seen being referred to the Attorney General.

Lodging her complaint with Police Special Investigative Unit at police headquarters, the victimized girl alleged that her complaint to the Bambalapitiya police over an incident where she was brutally raped by the businessman at a housing complex in Colombo in 2013, ended up being futile since they refrained from initiating investigations.

She had told police that she appeared in several visual programs produced for children by a private television channel by the year of 2004 and accidentally met the businessman during a TV program held at a leading hotel in Colombo.

She said that the businessman had given her a chocolate box during this TV program and found a contact number of the businessman which was placed in it.

She said the businessman contacted her over the phone and took her to several hotels and apartments while she was attending tuition classes. The victim said she was brutally sexually abused by the businessman in an unnatural manner and she was severely beaten by him once she refused to do so. She said she was admitted to a private hospital owing to an attack carried out by the businessman and it finally resulted in a surgery to her ear.

Filing a further report before Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage, Police Special Investigative Unit informed that it was seeking Attorney General’s advice to determine whether this case contains sufficient legal materials to frame legal action against the businessman. The extracts of the investigations have been reportedly forwarded to the Attorney general on May 5, 2014. However, police had ironically alleged in the B report submitted to Court that the suspect had allegedly committed a punishable offence under section 360 (B), 314, 310 of the Penal Code.

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