Two Deputy Ministers Lash Out At Each Other In Public

Two deputy ministers of the UPFA government publicly lashed out at each other at a meeting held  in Matale yesterday. 

Transport Deputy Minister Rohana Dissanayake and Higher Education Deputy Minister Nandimithra Ekanayake, who invited for a function in Matale, criticized each other in their speeches. It is widely known among political circles that the two deputy ministers, who represent the same district, are at loggerheads. 
"Only those who play hosanna get higher positions in politics,If you refuse to do so, you will get nothing! There many politicians in this country who accept bribes unabashedly. Politics, as a whole, has become a muddy pool. I sometimes think I should do away with politics and return to government service," the Higher Education Deputy Minister said in his speech. It was clear to the crowd that he was alluding to his colleague who was also seated on the same stage.
In his speech, Deputy Minister Rohana Dissanayake countered Ekanayake's remarks saying it was a foolish behaviour to criticize 'politics' while being in the same field. 
"Some people criticize the field of politics while being in the same field. I don't think that is a sensible behaviour. Such politicians do not have backbones. Politics is not in the hands of dogs. Dogs have come into politics!" Deputy Minister Dissanayake said. 
The organizers of the event and its participants found themselves in an embarrassing position when the two government politicos fired cannon balls at each other in public. Deputy Minister Ekananayake, at one point, was a staunch supporter former President Chandrika Bandaramaike Kumaratunga. 
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