Hemal Gunaskera's Vehicle Had A Forged Number Plate- Inquiry Takes New Turn

In an interesting turn of events, it has now been revealed that the vehicle belonging to Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekera - who received a speeding-ticket on the Southern Highway - had a 'fake number plate'.

Soon after the incident, the Police officer, who gave a speeding ticket to the Deputy Minister, was attacked by goons.  

Police investigations into the incident have revealed that the Minister's vehicle had a fake 'Garage Number' (C13/1188) when it was issued a speeding-ticket. When the Police double-checked the number with the Department of Motor Traffic, it was revealed that the 'Garage number' had not been issued by the Department. 

The forged number, according to the Police, is clearly displayed on CCTV footage obtained from the Southern Expressway. 

With this revelation, the Police is now compelled to seek the Attorney General's advice to take legal action against the Minister for using a vehicle that had a forged number.

Meanwhile, the Police have so far failed to take action against the Deputy Minister over the incident where the Police Constable was assaulted. 

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