Champika Ranawaka Refutes News Reports On Rajagiriya Accident

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Patali Champika Ranawaka made a statement regarding an automobile accident which occurred last Sunday, on his Facebook page.

Explaining his version of the accident, Ranawaka stated that certain media institutions and social media were spreading biased news.

He stated that law had been carried out and his driver who involved with the accident had been arrested and courts had suspended his driving license.

The automobile accident happened at Rajagiriya on Sunday night when a motorbike driven by a youth collided with a jeep of the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development.

“Rajagiriya police is conducting investigations on this accident. Certain media are spreading false news that driver of the jeep ran away after the accident. Police had arrested the driver on the spot based on the statements of onlookers”, Ranawaka stated.

Ranawaka had further noted that any investigation regarding the accident could be conducted according to the law of the country. He had also wished a speedy recovery to the youth who met with the accident.

However, the other party states that jeep had crossed the junction when the traffic lights were red. They say that the youth could not control the motorbike since the jeep had unexpectedly crossed the junction, neglecting the traffic lights. 

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