"Couples" To Gather At Independence Square On Sunday Eve to Protest Cultural Ministry's Taliban Laws

 A silent protest is to be held within the Independence Square limited against the Cultural Affairs Ministry's decision to bar "couples" from sitting together at the Independence Square. 

The protest will start on Sunday (March 06) at 4 pm. 

Those who wish to take part in the protest are requested to be present at the venue with a loved one or a friend. 

The protest will be held under the theme "Occupy the Square".

The Facebook page launched in support of the protest  says any concerned citizen is welcome to take part in the protest, with a loved one or a friend.  

The protest comes in the wake of the video shared on social media on Saturday showing three security officers ordering a couple to leave the Independence Square as they sat together at the venue in violation of the rules and regulations imposed by the cultural Affairs Ministry. 

The security officers are unable to describe any ‘wrongful act’ made by the couple and claim that they are merely carrying out the orders of the Cultural Affairs Department. Any query regarding the regulation barring couples from sitting together at the Independence Square have to be made from the Department, they say.

The move came under severe criticism on social media platforms as it was in stark violation of Fundamental Rights granted to citizens by the country's constitution. 

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