Parliamentary Motion Preventing MSD From "Washing Dishes" In MP Houses

UNP Colombo District Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake is to present a Parliamentary motion seeking to prevent MSD officials from providing security to family members of MPs and Ministers. 

There had been a number of instances where MSD officials, who actually belong to the Department of Police, were compelled to provide security not only to family members of Parliamentarians, but also to their pets. 
Recently, a female Parliamentarian of the UPFA came under criticism from media for ordering MSD officers to cook and "wash dishes" in her house, strongly contravening the accepted code of conduct for MPs. Police Department took immediate measures to 'transfer' the MSD officers when they complained about such predicaments.
Speaking to Asian Mirror, a senior spokesman of the Police said children and wives of certain ruling party Parliamentarians were using MSD officers as personal bodyguards and chauffeurs. 
The Parliamentary motion is of significance as it would ensure the dignity of MSD officers working under Parliamentarians of all parties. Speaking to Asian Mirror, Karunanayake said every right thinking Parliamentarian should support this proposal. 
Sources of the Parliament said the motion would be taken up for debate in the near future. 
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