Hakeem Who Is Considering "Retirement" Is Now In Dharga Town

Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem has visited Dharga town in Aluthgama, a short while ago. 

Hakeem is accompanied by several senior officials of the Sri Lanka Mulim Congress. 

Although the situation is now tranquil in Beruwala and Aluthgama, uncertainly still looms large over the area with Police confirming two deaths due to last night's clashes. 

Many Muslims in Aluthgama, who gathered in mosques last night due to fear of being attacked, are yet to return to their homes. 

Speaking to BBC this morning, Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem said he was seriously considering retirement from his position as a result of yesterday's clashes. 

Justice Minister, in an interview with the BBC said, the Aluthgama incident was a total failure of law and order. 

The clash, coincidentally, occurred on the same day the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress had its national convention where the party decided to remain with the UPFA government, despite "harassment" to the country's Muslim community.

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