Mervyn To Take Over Security In Beruwala Aluthgama & Dharga Town

Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva pledged to take over security of Beruwala, Aluthgama and Dharga town to ensure the safety of Muslims in the area. 

Speaking to Asian Mirror, the Minister said he was in Aluthgama since morning and there was not enough security for people in the area. He said he would stay in the mosque and provide security for the Muslims.

"The situation has been brought under control to a great extent. This is like setting fire on a garbage pile. I can resolve this issue and it is my duty as a minister of the government to intervene in these matters," he said. 

However, just a few days ago, the Minster urged Sinhala women to contact him if and when they have problems in having children. 

 "The Sinhala race is rapidly becoming a minority and my only only request to the Sinhalese is to produce children as much as possible to avoid extinction of their race," the Minister said addressing a function in Wattala, which was organized by his ministry. 
"There is no point in lamenting over this problem, We need to act fact. If any woman has a problem in having children, I kindly request her to contact me for further assistance," the Minister added.
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