BBS Urges Police To Arrest Those Who Planned A Protest In Mawanella

In an interesting turn of events, the Bodu Bala Sena has now requested Police to arrest those who organized an anti-Muslim rally in Mawanella. 

Speaking to Asian Mirror, Chief Executive Officer of the BBS, Dilantha Withanage said the organizers of the Mawanella protest did not have any connection with his organization. 

"They pretended that they had connections with the BBS so everyone thought the BBS was behind it. In fact, the BBS never wanted to hold a protest in Mawanella. That's why we urged the police to take action against them, " Withanage told Asian Mirror. 

The group who organized the protest called themselves as 'Maithree Sahana Padanama", led by a person by the name of Manchanayake. 

The Mawanella police swiftly acted against the protest and obtained a court order preventing organizers from holding it. 

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