Magistrate Bans BBS & Sihala Ravaya From Protesting In Badulla

Another anti-Muslim protest, which was scheduled to take place in Badulla this afternoon, has been banned by the Badulla Magistrate.

The protest was organized by the BBS and Sihala Ravaya to coincide with the hearing of the court case over the incident where a textile shop, owned by a Muslim, was attacked in the Badulla town. The suspects of the case, according to Police, are members of the Bodu Bala Sena. They had launched the attack on the grounds that the shop owners had fixed CCTV cameras in fit-on rooms. 
A tense situation occurred in Badulla on Monday when a group of Bodu Bala Sena members pelted stones at several 'Muslim shops' in the town following a protest they organized demanding the release of suspects.
Considering the present state of affairs in the country, Badulla Magistrate issued an injunction order this morning preventing the BBS and Sihala Ravaya from holding a protest in Badulla.
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