Angry PM Walks Out Of Parliament

 Prime Minister D.M. Jayarathne today angrily walked out of Parliament when he was not given opportunity to speak in the house on the motion presented by a group of UPFA MPs against an international inquiry panel on Sri Lanka. 

EPDP Leader Minister Douglas Devananda was given the chance to speak in Parliament before the Prime Minister during the debate on the motion and this resulted in the walk-out of the Prime Minister. 

Last week, newspapers reported that the Prime Minister was on a cabinet boycott in the wake of the speculations that Minister Maithripala Sirisena would be appointed as the Prime Minister at the next cabinet reshuffle. 

Why Prime Minister Jayarathne was not allowed to speak in Parliament during the debate was  not entirely clear. The Prime Minister charged that his time-slot was given to Minister Douglas Devananda without his consent. 

This confusion took place just after TNA Parliamentarian Vinayagamoorthi's speech during the debate.


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