Court Refuses To Release Tiran Alles's Passport

Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jyaratne today refused to release the passport of Tiran Alles, which has been impounded regarding the inquiry into the RADA.

Alles, through his lawyers, told court that he wants to visit England via Singapore and requested the release of the passport for six weeks.

However, the Magistrate said that he had been named a suspect in a large scale financial fraud by the police Special Investigations Unit. Therefore, his passport cannot be released even for a short period of time, the Magistrate directed.

In 2015, Tiran Alles was questioned by Police over the alleged provision of money to Tiger guerrillas through the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA), of which he was the Chairman. The investigation is been handled by the SIU which is under the purview of the IGP. Alles's passport was impounded during the Magisterial inquiry on the alleged fraud.

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